What is ScalaMed?

Your prescriptions just got a whole lot easier.

With ScalaMed, you can receive, carry, and fill them all right from your phone. And, it's always free.

Simple. Safe. Secure.

Why should I use ScalaMed? Isn't this more work for me?

Carry your prescriptions, instructions, and medication information with you on your smartphone at all times and choose exactly which pharmacy you want to fill your prescription.

Recommended by doctors and pharmacies, ScalaMed is the simplest, safest, and smartest way to manage your medication. And it’s free!

Rather than bypassing you, you are now in control of your own prescriptions. Send your prescriptions in less than ten seconds to any pharmacy.

Rather than waiting for your doctor to call in your prescriptions to a pharmacy that might be closed, out of stock, out of network, too expensive, or not near you - ScalaMed offers you flexibility and portability. With each prescription or refill, you decide where to get your prescriptions filled.

Unlike the old way of doing things, you get a record of all your medicines that you can carry with you and share with whoever you need. You can access information to learn about side effects, reasons for prescribing, how to take safely. You'll also receive refill reminders and allergy/drug warnings. With ScalaMed, you'll never forget the name or dosage of your medications.

How does ScalaMed work?

Similar to a paper prescription but a whole lot easier and more secure. Your doctor sends your prescriptions directly to your ScalaMed app on your phone. Then, just like a paper prescription, you can send them to any pharmacy right from your phone, without having to drop them off or deal with long lines. Just press "Fill" and your pharmacy will have your prescription and you'll have a record that you'll own forever.

Is this my real prescription or just a copy?

We believe that you should own your prescriptions.

That's why we send you your real, actual prescription straight to your phone. It's not a copy, so we use the latest in blockchain technology to make your prescriptions secure and unchangeable.

Does it cost anything to use ScalaMed?

Zero. ScalaMed is completely free for users. To keep ScalaMed free for you, we charge pharmacies to advertise on ScalaMed and allow manufacturers to offer you brochures on the medicines you have been prescribed. We don't sell your data to these advertisers, either.

Can I use ScalaMed at any pharmacy?

You can send your prescription to any pharmacy in the US, including specialty pharmacies, online or mail-order pharmacies required by your insurance, or even the local pharmacy down the street.

ScalaMed also works with specialty pharmacies, Medicare Part D, insurance, and cash-pay pharmacies.

If you can't find your pharmacy - please let us know.

Which doctors use ScalaMed?

We're currently working with Next Level Urgent Care in Houston Texas, but are expanding soon. Right now, you can only see your prescriptions from Next Level Tanglewood.

Do you know a doctor, clinic, or hospital you want to use ScalaMed with? Email us with their name and details: support@scalamed.com

Can I use ScalaMed for every prescription I have?

We're working on exciting new features to help you manage ALL of your medications. More updates soon!

Can I use this for every medication?

You can use ScalaMed for all your medications, except one class of drugs called 'Schedule II".  These drugs include strong pain relievers like hydromorphone (Dilaudid®), methadone (Dolophine®), meperidine (Demerol®), oxycodone (OxyContin®, Percocet®), and fentanyl (Sublimaze®, Duragesic®).  Strict DEA rules mean that your doctor has to give you a paper prescription for these medications.

Why did you create ScalaMed?

We believe in making medication management a whole lot easier and in helping you be healthy.

The word scala means "a sequence or order" in latin. We believe in changing the order of who is important in health - and putting you first.

Simple. Secure. Safe. ScalaMed.

How does ScalaMed make money?

ScalaMed makes money by we charging pharmacies to advertise on ScalaMed and allowing manufacturers to offer you brochures on the medicines you have been prescribed. We never sell your data to these advertisers, either.

There are no hidden charges for you.

Sounds too good to be true...what's the catch?

Sounds too good to be true - we get it. But really, there's no catch or fine print!

We believe in making medication management a whole lot easier and in helping you be healthy. There is no catch here. We keep your data safe and secure and we never sell any data that identifies you.

We aim to make healthcare easier and more affordable. When you get and stay healthy, everyone wins - you and your wallet, your insurance company, and your doctor. That's our only goal.

If you have any specific questions, we will help you answer them - so please contact us at support@scalamed.com. We have a detailed privacy policy and terms and conditions that covers the above in "legal speak" and we recommend you read these to understand the legal fine print.