Don't worry we'll figure this out together. Open the ScalaMed app, click the prescription you want, and find which error you are seeing.

1. NOT SENT: Check your prescriptions in ScalaMed to check that the prescription was sent to the pharmacy. If it was not sent, please send again.

2. NOT RECEIVED: If the prescription was sent, there should be a confirmation on the ScalaMed app that the pharmacy has received the prescriptions. If the pharmacy has NOT received it - and it is still pending - this can take ten minutes to change status. If it is still not received by the pharmacy after ten minutes, please try sending it again to the same or a different pharmacy.

3. NOT RECEIVED: If the prescription was confirmed sent, then please call the pharmacy and check if they have received the prescriptions, If they have not received it - ask them to check their fax machine. If they have not received it, then please send it again from ScalaMed. If this does not work - we are so sorry, but will work with you to sort it out . Please contact support. If your doctor can give you another prescription and you need it urgently, it is best to get a second prescription while we sort out the problem.

4. PHARMACY DELAY - Sometimes the pharmacy can take some time to fill your prescription, unfortunately ScalaMed can't make this part faster. Please let us know how we can help.

If the pharmacy still doesn't have you prescription, give us a call at 281-324-8338 or email us at