What is ScalaMed?

Managing patient prescriptions just got a whole lot easier. ScalaMed enables you to e-Prescribe and have the actual prescription arrive on a patient's phone first, and allowing the patient to select a pharmacy that is right for them.

With ScalaMed, patients become responsible for selecting a pharmacy. It removes the administrative burden from the clinic in case the pharmacy is closed, out of stock, out of the insurance network, or when the patient is traveling.

ScalaMed means patients can receive, carry, and fill prescriptions right from their phone. And, it's always free.

Patients can carry their prescriptions, instructions, and medication information with them on their smartphone at all times and choose exactly which pharmacy they want to fill their prescription.

How does ScalaMed benefit my practice?

ScalaMed streamlines prescription management, saving the average clinician 40 hours per year - a full week's worth of administrative burden, while delivering better adherence, access to more affordable medications, and improving patient satisfaction scores.

We help reduce your office burden by reducing in-bound prescription related calls (rather than patients calling your office to have their prescriptions recalled and resent to different pharmacies). The patient has ownership and access to their prescription on their phone, and can direct it to any phamacy they choose. ScalaMed's technology means that when you select a pharmacy in your EMR, you can choose "ScalaMed" and the prescription is immediately sent to the patient's phone. The technology ensures that the prescription cannot be modified, can only be used once, is incredible secure and HIPAA compliant, and ultimately engages the patient in their prescriptions.

ScalaMed offers allergy and interaction warnings in case the patient forgot to mention any of their medications, as well as meaningful educational content.

With our intuitive and easy-to-use app, patients have reported huge increases in satisfaction when it comes to medication. In addition, ScalaMed nudges and reminds patients to take their medicines appropriately, and on time, and allows them to compare prices of medicines to make it easier for them to adhere to therapy.

Who founded ScalaMed and why?

ScalaMed was founded by a trained physician and former pharmaceutical executive Dr Tal Rapke. Having worked as a physician and seeing first hand how the admin burden was distracting doctors from spending time with patients, he realized any business he builds must imrove clinic efficiency, must fit into the workflow, and must deliver better health for patients.
ScalaMed's focus is the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare - delivering affordable care, more efficiently, while improving the experience of healthcare and improving health outcomes.

How can our clinic get started with ScalaMed?

Contact us on info@scalamed.com. ScalaMed can plug into nearly all EMRs, prescribing and clinical software, allowing clinicians to prescribe medication as usual through their existing software - no changes in workflow necessary.
Once your practice is set up to use ScalaMed, we'll work with you to create a comprehensive program to enroll as many patients as possible onto the platform. From there, simply ensure their default pharmacy is set to ScalaMed and ask each new patient if they'd like to use ScalaMed.

Does it cost anything to use ScalaMed?

Zero. ScalaMed is completely free for users. To keep ScalaMed free for you, we charge pharmacies to advertise on ScalaMed and allow manufacturers to offer you brochures on the medicines you have been prescribed. We don't sell your data to these advertisers, either.

Does it cost anything for my practice to use ScalaMed?

ScalaMed is FREE. Just send your patients prescriptions to the "ScalaMed Pharmacy" in your EMR. To get set up, email us at sales@scalamed.com

Can my patients use ScalaMed at any pharmacy?

Patients can fill their prescriptions at any pharmacy in the US, including specialty pharmacies, online or mail-order pharmacies, and the local pharmacy down the street.

ScalaMed works with all insurance. ScalaMed just moves the prescription to the pharmacy of a patient's choice. This prescription is then processed at the pharmacy as usual.

How will I know if a patient is using ScalaMed?

You will need to ask. If you'd like your patients to use ScalaMed, please reach out to us at info@scalamed.com.

Once your clinic starts with ScalaMed, ask your patients if they want their prescription record on their phone, if they want automated reminders, the ability to be in control, access to information and warnings about their meds, and a seamless prescription experience. If they want any of this - tell them to download ScalaMed.

Which medications can I prescribe using ScalaMed?

You can use ScalaMed for all medications except 'Schedule II' medications. These include  hydromorphone (Dilaudid), methadone (Dolophine), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet), and fentanyl (Sublimaze, Duragesic). DEA rules currently prevent ScalaMed from processing these medications, but we hope this will be available soon.

I still have more questions - how can I contact you?

We're here to help! Give us a call at 281-324-8338 or email us at support@scalamed.com