What is ScalaMed?

With ScalaMed, patients can receive, carry, and forward their prescriptions right from their phone.

Historically doctors have had to "call-in" or ePrescribe prescriptions to the pharmacy on patients' behalf. This was causing a huge amount of workload for pharmacists and doctors: when prescriptions didn't arrive, when the wrong pharmacy was chosen, or when patients needed flexibility due to travel or opening hours. With ScalaMed, we reduce this administrative burden for pharmacies and doctors. Patients can now carry their prescriptions, instructions, and medication information with them on their smartphone at all times and can decide where to direct their prescriptions whenever they need each time. ScalaMed also helps pharmacies with proper meds reconciliation as patients carry a verified source of truth with them that they can share with the pharmacy.

ScalaMed, like with paper, allows patients to decide where to send their prescriptions to - on their terms. With ScalaMed though, prescriptions cannot be forged, counterfeited, duplicated, or manipulated in any way, and patients can send these prescriptions to the pharmacy ahead of time.

Prescriptions come into pharmacies either via fax, or with an integration into the pharmacy dispensing software (upon request).

How does ScalaMed work?

ScalaMed is a new way for doctors to ePrescribe. Rather than doctors finalizing the pharmacy in their software, the ScalaMed technology allows patients to do their own search and select which pharmacy they want their prescriptions to be filled.
Even though the doctor ultimately still prescribes, the power of pharmacy location choice remains with the patient and the patient receives an element of flexibility in their prescription filling.
You can think of the ScalaMed technology to a doctor who writes a prescription, seals it in an envelope, and the patient is allowed to add the address to the envelope. ScalaMed ensures the prescription is real, cannot be duplicated, defrauded, used twice, or manipulated in any way. ScalaMed also prompts the patient to send their prescription to their pharmacy, improves adherence, and educates the patient as to the importance of taking their medication.

How does ScalaMed benefit our pharmacy? 

Any patient can easily find your pharmacy using our search feature. ScalaMed means that patients are not reliant on their doctors suggestions for pharmacy, are not stuck in one pharmacy, and can easily switch and select your pharmacy for their medication purchases.
ScalaMed also offers pharmacies the option to improve lead generation through targeted advertising - please get in touch if interested at


How will I know if we have received a ScalaMed prescription?   

You'll receive ScalaMed prescriptions directly to your fax machine. It appears as any other prescription, with a small note that it is "powered by ScalaMed". For a direct integration into your software, please contact us at info@scalamed.com     

How can we advertise with ScalaMed?     

We offer pharmacies the ability to advertise and generate new leads for new customers. ScalaMed has opportunities for advertising your pharmacy when a patient goes to select their pharmacy - ensuring that your pharmacy will be a highlighted option that patients see when choosing where to fill their prescription. Please reach out to us at info@scalamed.com  to set up a time to talk.      

How secure is ScalaMed? Can patients submit duplicate prescriptions?       

ScalaMed uses the latest in security technology to keep patient's data secure and private. Our prescriptions are secured by blockchain, making them impossible to duplicate, manipulate, or defraud. We follow US government and international standards in security and privacy standards. ScalaMed is fully HIPAA compliant to protect data. We never sell any data that identifies patients.

We use technical, contractual, administrative and physical measures in an effort to protect against unauthorized access. These include secure servers, SSL and encryption. 

Which medications can we receive from ScalaMed?        

Patients can send any prescription that your pharmacy is capable of filling for ePrescriptions, except 'Schedule II" meds. DEA rules currently don't allow the ScalaMed solution, but we are working to have ScalaMed used for all medications.         

I still have more    questions    - how can I contact you?    

We're here to help! Give us a call at 281-324-8338 or email us at support@scalamed.com