ScalaMed is seen as a huge value add for your patients. The ability for them to receive all of their prescriptions from any doctor in the US directly to their phone, and inside your App is a win. Patients now are empowered, have flexibility, portability, price transparency, a 24/7 record, and the freedom to decide which pharmacy after they have been prescribed.

Today, patients need to select a pharmacy before they often know what they are going to be prescribed, how much it will cost them and whether the pharmacy is open or has stock.  ScalaMed gives the patient their Rx first.

Our customers use different mechanisms to on-board their members and patients

1. Carrots - offer patients rewards, discounts, and other sweeteners to encourage them to give the Smart prescription tool a go - they wont be disappointed

2. Sticks - some payers make it more expensive to send prescriptions through alternate mechanisms

3. clear communication - communicate the benefits, and your patients once they try it will be addicted